For gamers, by gamers.

We are driven in our core to help gamers make a living doing what they love day in and day out.

A note from the founder:

I remember the bliss of playing Pokemon for the first time by my pool during the summer. I remember the rush of beating my family in Mario Kart for the first time. I remember sneaking out of bed at night to play Diablo with my brother on our mother's computer in the living room. I remember my first LAN party on StarCraft. I remember destroying my friends at Halo on my high school LAN in the last few weeks of my senior year, under the pseudo-name "teh_pwnerer" after my favorite gaming parody. I remember the excitement of beating Final Fantasy 7 for the first time. I remember my first raid on World Of Warcraft. I remember hitting my first headshot, all the way to winning my first tournament on Counter Strike.

It's moments like this, memories like this, and the hope of making more that drive us to play the games we love. It's because of these types of memories that I will always consider myself and recognize myself as a gamer, proudly. They're some of my warmest memories, and happiest thoughts. 

I wanted to make a living playing video games so bad when I was a teenager, so much so that I would skip class and stay up all night playing in tournaments on Counter Strike. It finally became apparent to me that it wasn't going to happen, at least in that way when I fell into the world of internet marketing.

I let the industry envelope me, teach me, and mold me into the marketer I am today. I never lost root of who I am at my core though, a gamer. That's why I'm back, putting my talents of running a successful marketing agency to work for the greater good of the gaming community. 

My goal is to create a thriving community of online gamers and content creators that can earn a living doing what they love, by promoting brands and products to their audience online.

It's a simple goal, but it's huge to me, and core to who I am. I hope you'll join me.

- Sean "icarus" Smith