For gamers who want to make a living doing what they love.

We focus on pairing you up with the best brands possible so that you can spend your time doing what you love, and not have to worry about the business of it.


1. Get plugged in

Once you're ready to be a part of our community you just need to give us a bit of information about yourself, your following, the games you play, and the style of your channel. We never give your information out without your consent.


2. Promote awesome brands

After you join our community we will start looking for ways to pair you with brands that mesh well with your audience, your style, and the games you play. Once there's a match we will work out how to facilitate promotion.


3. Get paid to play games

Finally after getting a good fit between your content and the brand - you simply promote the brand based on the methods that we arranged and get paid to do so. We simply take a small cut off of the top for our part in the matchmaking.



If you're ready to learn more, ask some questions, or even just pull the trigger and get plugged in - please reach out using the form below so we can have a conversation about you and your goals.


For the love of gaming

We are building this company because we're passionate about gaming, and want to make it better for gamers.

No contracts

We won't lock you in to any kind of contracts. You retain all the rights to your channel and your content.



Have Questions?

We'd be shocked if you didn't have some questions or to know a little bit more before committing to anything. Here are some FAQ's:


Q: Does this cost me anything if you don't pair me with any brands?

A: No, it's literally risk-free. We will only try to get in contact with you and set up the best possible pairings, but if nothing comes of it - nothing comes of it.

Q: How do you benefit from all of this?

A: We simply take a small cut off of the top of each project for the part we played. You get the vast majority, because you're what matters here.

Q: How would you let me know about these projects?

A: If we feel that there is a good fit between one of our gamers or content creators and a brand that wants promotion we will reach out via email or set up a call with you to discuss the potential opportunity - if it's something that you're interested in and want to move forward with we will set up an agreement and facilitate the payment, if not no problem.

Q: What kind of brands will you be trying to pair me with?

A: Primarily gaming brands that either build gaming merchandise or that have other tools or software that they want to promote and get notoriety for from the gaming community. Of course we're also always open to recommendations about which brands we should build relationships with!

Q: What kind of promotions are we talking about?

A: Promotions could range anywhere from sponsorship of your stream in a monthly fashion, to paid native advertisements within your YouTube content, to product placement within your stream, to sponsored tournaments that you would be involved with or even host.

Q: Why are you doing this? And why couldn't I do this on my own?

A: We honestly want to make it easier for gamers to make a living doing what they love. We are a company of gamers that love to play games. We grew up playing competitively and had to get jobs to support our passion. Luckily those jobs taught us skills that we could eventually use to start a business like this one that would empower gamers. You could do most of this on your own, but it would be a lot harder - and it would all be on you. Think of an actor without a manager or talent agency.